I like to...

  • Understand the reasoning behind things

  • Form meaningful connections with others and listen to what they have to share

  • Make DIY crafts

  • Snap pics of pretty lattes, peaceful scenery, and my silly nephews

  • Look at designs and art that feature pops of color or simple geometric shapes 

  • Work while listening to upbeat alternative music


A little about me

I graduated from college with the intention to go into the health sector. Both during and after college, I volunteered in clinics, assisting healthcare professionals and helping patients. My favorite aspect was the ability to bond with patients during their weekly sessions and hopefully make their treatment time a little more enjoyable despite the fact that no patient truly ever wants to be there in the first place. However, I wanted to increase the scope of my impact and help people on a larger scale. I transitioned to an administrative position in Human Resources for a medical university. The job required high attention to detail, effective communication, customer service skills, and a solutions-oriented mindset. I enjoyed the aspects of my job that allowed me to connect with others and help them with their issues and concerns. But I yearned for the ability to practice creative problem solving and brainstorming. Still seeking a career that would allow me to make a difference, but with more flexibility and creativity built in, I came across the field of UX design. 


UX design allowed me the opportunity to directly influence the experience and lives of others, with a central focus on the human aspect. I’ve found that my communication and customer service skills have helped me when conducting user research and interacting with participants. My solutions-oriented mindset has helped me when drafting prototypes and iterating to continuously improve my design. I hope to create designs and experiences for others that go beyond being functional but are also delightful to use. My personal experiences with technology have shaped how I approach design problems.